Friday, December 30, 2005


My favorite book of this past year was without a doubt, The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. I read into the night and put off finishing the book because I did not want it to end. The Glass Castle was recently honored by Elle Magazine and has been acclaimed in numerous publications. It's an amazing read and even more so knowing it is a true story.

Good Grief by Lolly Winston was another favorite of mine. Julia Roberts is rumored to be playing the main character in the motion picture of the novel.

She's Come Undone author Wally Lamb put together an amazing book of women in prison and their stories. It is a must read. Couldn't Keep It To Myself is the title.

I read this novel a while ago but it stayed with me, Chris Bohjalian's Midwives.

I don't think Janet Fitch has written another novel since White Oleander. Your heart will go out to Astrid, the main character.

Nickel and Dimed was a fantastic non-fiction book about "not getting by in America". Barbara Ehrenreich goes undercover and holds a series of jobs in order to see if she can get by on minimum wage earnings.

I was hooked from page one and cried with the main character of Girls In Trouble. Caroline Leavitt is one of the best novelists and if you haven't read her novels then you are sorely missing out. Each one is a treasure.

The only person I know who hasn't read this book is my mother who insists its a young adult book. It is one of the best books I have ever read, The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd.

The one and only time in my life I hand-wrote a letter to the author telling her I enjoyed the book and she didn't write back to me. But I'm not sour about it and will recommend The Center of Everything by Laura Moriarity. It's one of those 'coming of age' books that resonates so well with me, a child of the 80's.

Lisa Tucker is a supremely talented author. Be sure to read The Song Reader if you haven't already. Shout Down the Moon is also excellent.

I would love to find more novels like this great read, Swimming Toward The Ocean by Carole L. Glickfeld. I enjoy books that can easily transport me from the present into the past with deft skill.

Mrs. Kimble was an interesting take on a man and the three women he took as his three wives during the course of a lifetime. Excellent. Keep your eyes out for more from Jennifer Haigh. Baker Towers, her sophomore novel was another fabulous read.

Aside from women's fiction, I enjoy heart pounding, nail biting suspence. I was chilled to the bone and literally bit my nails in fear as I read Land of the Living by Nicci French. MJ Rose will also have you turning pages as fast as you can with The Halo Effect.

I read so much, I should really keep a book diary. There is nothing in the world like a good book that allows us to immerse ourselves into other places and lives. You know the feeling when you close a book and wish there was one or two more chapters so the book didn't have to end?

I also want to mention Miriam the Medium by Rochelle Jewel Shapiro, any book by Michael Lee West or Adriana Trigiani. and true crime books by the unparalleled Ann Rule.

Happy Reading and see you when its officially 2006!


Anonymous Anonymous said...
The best I've read from Adriana Trigiani is Big Stone Gap, it's heartwarming. One of the best I've read and reread. @ 2:59 AM  
Blogger Jenny said...
Good grief is an excellent book. I read it right after my best friend passed away and it was like a great big hug. Well not at first, but by the end. LOL @ 3:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Just finished the Glass Castle on your suggestion DJ and I it is wonderful. I loved this book, and it was special to me in that I too grew up in West Virginia and Arizona. WOW!!! Read this book. @ 2:37 PM  
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Anonymous said...
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