Friday, March 17, 2006


I'm going to admit something to you right now. I received Shaking Her Assets is a humorously written novel about a girl who loses her boyfriend and her job and comes up with an idea for a business over drinks with her friend. The idea is so crazy and far fetched, surely it cannot be successful but Rachel has nothing to lose. The comic book heroine on the cover comes from a coworker who creates cartoons of Rachel and her funny little escapades while running her thriving business. This book is for those of you who enjoy humorous womens fiction. Not science fiction. I'm so embarrassed! Robin and Renee, forgive me!

Miss New York Has Everything is the title of Lori Jakiela's hilarious memoir. Lori grew up in suburban Pittsburgh, PA hoping to live the life of Marlo Thomas from That Girl. Instead she ended up as a flight attendent, living in a cramped New York City apartment and realizing that flying isn't thrilling, sophisticated or fun and that life usually doesn't turn out like we planned. If it did, I would be living in a modern Greenwich Village loft with my photographer boyfriend...but that's me. And we are talking about Lori here.

I found myself giggling at her descriptions and circumstances. I identified with the big dreams of a girl living in a suburbia, hoping for a future that was glamorous and exciting. I'm still waiting...

So...what would happen if I interviewed Jake Gyllenhall and rumors began to swirl that the two of us were romantically involved? Ah! I'd love that, but my husband wouldn't. That's the premise of Kristin Harmel's novel, How To Sleep With A Movie Star. A celebrity interviewer wakes up in an actors bed after meeting with him and the rumor mill begins churning full force after the two are seen together in what appears to be post coital bliss.

Tabloids go wild with the story of a hunky movie star falling for a non-celebrity, normal girl and mayhem ensues! The book is a quick read and it is a fun story for those of us who love the whole tabloid-movie star-real life entanglement.

Hollywood Hussein is written by Ken Baker of US Weekly fame. In this book, he creates a satirical situation where President Bush hires a group of paparazzi and a tabloid journalist to capture Saddam Hussein. All the while conversing with Arnold Schwarzeneggar.

The exchange between James Lipton and Gwenyth Paltrow had me laughing out loud. And it didn't take much to figure out who socialite London Marriott really was.


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