Monday, April 17, 2006

From book to the big screen

Nip/Tuck writer Jennifer Salt will bring the book Angus to the big screen. I never heard of this book and it was a best seller. How did it slip through the cracks? My superior mental ability tells me the dog is named Angus. Or else the book about the lead singer (oops I mean the guitarist, the one with the school boy outfit) of AC/DC or perhaps the story of Angus beef. Tell me the story about the slab of tbone please.

The novel is about a Jack Russell terrier. I would love it if Mariah Carey’s Jack Russell wrote a tell- all. Bring that to the big screen!

According to the Hollywood Reporter, "the film will examine a year in the life of a young married couple seen through the eyes of their newly adopted young dog". Ms. Salt says of the project "It's about a couple going through a difficult time and how the dog's fearlessness after a near-death fight with a coyote inspires them and heals them."


Anonymous AussieAndrea said...
I thought Angus from AC/DC was the guitarist? 'cos that was entirely the point of your post right? Ha ha...
Love this site! @ 9:56 PM  
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