Sunday, April 30, 2006

Give It Up!

Imagine for one second giving up something every month in order to gain more clarity, not clutter in your life. Do you really need those manicures and take-out meals? The cable television and the newspaper? The vodka tonics after work with friends? That is the premise behind author Mary Carlomagno's book. Each month for one year she gave up a costly item or hobby (gourmet coffee, taxis, videos) and documented her trip to simplicityville.

I enjoyed the book and in theory love the idea of not throwing money away by purchasing Starbucks coffees, fancy cosmetics and fashion magazines. What I do need is a Personal Life Coach to help me implement the idea of living with less. To live with less is to ultimately find new things that make you happy. Oh my gosh! Listen to me spouting off like a modern day Confucious.

I dream of growing my own strawberries and making blueberry muffins for my kids before school and not throwing money away on yet another cool tee shirt and jeans that make my butt look like two firm peaches under denim. Maybe I need to reread the book.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Okay, so first I spend the money on the book, THEN I begin giving up the spending money?! -- Actually this book sounds like something I really should be reading. I'm going to have to go to Barnes & Noble and check it out! @ 10:36 AM  
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