Friday, April 14, 2006

Lisa Tucker, Once Upon A Day

I have enjoyed Lisa Tucker's books since her debut novel, The Song Reader. She is an amazingly talented writer whose books are must- reads.

In last weeks issue of People Magazine, Once Upon a Day was featured, garnering a great review. On Amazon, it is a four star book. I'm so proud of Lisa! As well as a terrific writer, she is also a nice person and deserves all the accolades for her work.

Once Upon a Day would make a good movie: there's a love story, intrigue, passion, pain...all tied into an unforgettable story.

Does anyone confuse you with the Lisa Tucker who just got voted off American Idol?

Yes! Apparently she removed her website when this season of Idol started and so everyone who wants to write to her comes to my site, Most realize it isn’t the right place, but some don’t seem to get that. Here are two of the funniest emails I got:

comments = lisa tucker is an american idol. You are not black.

comments = Hi this is the official website for lisa tucker but cant find any of her photos or videos...only the author pics, or lisa manager photo is featured on the main page of

I hope u guys get her pics and bio up sooon LOVE U LISA... U STILL AN IDOL IN MY BOOKS GIRL!

In this book, music doesn't play as big of a role as in the Song Reader and Shout Down The Moon. Why not?

I don’t know. The characters always tell me what happens, so you’ll have to ask them. The role that music does play here is connected to the other books, though. Lucy is a jazz singer, like Patty in Shout Down the Moon and Dorothea finds that music is a trigger to memory, as in The Song Reader. I always have to have a little music somewhere since I’m such a music freak. That hasn’t changed.

Like an intricate spider web, the story is weaved so beautifully that the reader cant help but pulled into it, getting deeply involved with the emotions of characters. It's a talent that not every writer has. Are aware of how you do this?

I’m not sure, but thanks. I love books that are emotionally engaging. I’m really glad you felt that way about mine.

Was it your intention to make Charles a sort of a villain? Did you want the reader to come away feeling pity for him or understanding his motives?

I’ve heard from readers who hate Charles more than they’ve ever hated any of my other characters, even Rick, the “bad guy” in Shout Down the Moon who shot and killed someone. Other readers love him and forgive him everything and anything he does. He’s definitely turning out to be the most controversial character I’ve ever created.

I don’t set out to make any of my characters villains, but apparently it happens anyway. One thing I’ve definitely learned: you can’t control how your novels are interpreted. When the book is published, it belongs to the readers. I have my own feelings about Charles, of course, but I’ve expressed those in the book.

If the story had been written differently, would Lucy and Charles have gotten back together?

I’ve been asked this several times, and a few readers have come right out and said they wanted them to get back together. I think I always knew this couldn’t happen, given what he’d done. (Which I’d rather not say here, so people who haven’t read it still get that surprise.) I was very happy that I could get them in the same room together though. I felt like they needed that closure.

Did you have any alternate endings planned?

I never plan my books. Sometimes I wish I could, but every plan I try gets scrapped when the characters start involving me in their messy lives. My plans are so straight forward. Too bad they never work out.


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