Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Post Secret

Not too long ago I became hooked on this blog. It' decribed as a community project where people can send in their secrets on a postcard (most are decorated with sketches or cartoons or some kind of colorful background) and anonymously share their deepest, darkest thoughts with the rest of the world.

I loved the idea and was excited to get the book. The concept is totally simple and it's got the "Why didn't I think of that!" thing going on. I wish I had thought of it. Brilliant.

Some of the things people send in are funny, some are sad. There are shocking secrets and ones that make you tear up a bit. Somehow putting these thoughts down on a tiny postcard and mailing them to a PO box in Maryland is comforting and liberating.

Reading the secrets is cathartic, and in a way lets you know that you are not alone and whatever crazy, depressed, innermost secret you protect closely, chances are there is someone else holding the very same thing inside too. Frank Warren is the guy who began the blog and to read more about him and the Post Secret blog, click here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Cool blog! Thanks for the heads up about this one! @ 4:33 PM  
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