Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Same Sweet Girls

Recently I received Cassandra King's novel The Same Sweet Girls. I love the title. If I chose the title for my current state of mind it would be The Same Crazy Bitch. Since I didn't do a review about this book immediately after reading it, my memory fails me. So I'm copying the information from the publisher and hope you will forgive me. Just this once.

On an island every summer and in the mountains every fall, the Same Sweet Girls come together to share their stories. When one of the group faces the most difficult challenge of her life, the novel builds to an almost unbearably powerful conclusion, one of the most memorable in current fiction. Without a touch of sentimentality, Cassandra King writes of the way close friends can help each other through even the most cataclysmic life events. Both heartbreaking and hilarious, The Same Sweet Girls will touch, move, and inspire readers to cherish their own lifelong friendships. -hyperion


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Aw, sounds sweet! I wanna read it! @ 10:38 AM  
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