Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I love to cook. The problem is, throwing things together is not instinctual for me. I tend to make the same things over and over. And over. And you can only eat so much pasta with sundried tomatoes and salmon with dill before someone starts to complain.

Rachel Ray comes to the rescue with 365:No Repeats, a 30 Minute Meal Cookbook. I love the 30 Minute Meals show on the Food Network. I watch in awe as she works quickly and never stops talking. I don’t know whats more amazing, the fact that she can chatter about roasted duck without taking a breath or the fact that her hair never frizzes over the heat of the stove.

Rachel has created an assortment recipes including (but not limited to) Perfect Pastas, On The Light Side, Burger Bonanza, Good For a Crowd, Pick of the Chix, Vegetarian. There is a big variety of meals to cook and the only thing that’s missing, in my humble opinion, is a dessert section. I want my sweet treat, you know. Once in a while she will throw in a short story about a recipe but for the most part, Rachel is very straightforward and there is not a lot of chit-chat about each entry.

Who doesn’t want to be friends with Ted Allen? I know I do. Especially after meeting him in Palm Springs at the book festival. He was cool and relaxed and funny and I had to resist the urge to invite him over to my house for cheap wine and Ruffles. Ted has written a book called The Food You Want to Eat. This is a step above Rachel’s easy and casual cookbook. Ted features slightly more adult foods along with wine suggestions for each entree.

If you enjoy Ted on Queer Eye, you will like this cookbook, infused with Ted’s wit and personality He includes recipes for vegtables, meat, seafood, cookouts, desserts and breakfasts. I love the book, the photos are gorgeous and the layout is perfect. Paging through the book makes me hungry, especially the creme brulee and apple tart.

Both books are great. Even if you don't particulary enjoy getting dirty in the kitchen, its fun to page through and read the recipes and hope by some kind of osmosis, you become a good cook.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
YUMMO sounds good to me. @ 8:29 PM  
Blogger Chic Mommy said...
I've tried Rachel's other cookbooks and wasn't too impressed with the results. They just tasted like...food. Nothing special. And it didn't take me 30 minutes to make the meals, it took me almost an hour each time!

Ted Allen's book is one I might try. I liked him on Queer Eye and most of his recipes seemed really healthy. @ 12:32 AM  
Blogger Sacred Suzie said...
I LOVE Rachel Ray! She's cute as a button, obviously adores food and comes up with quick, easy and not-so-sinful recipes. Not everything is up my alley but when you have 365 recipes, there's a lot to choose from. Apparently this book almost killed her, pushed her to her culinary limits.

If you like baking, look up Anna Olson! She has a show on the Canadian Food Network called Sugar which is also the name of her book. She's amazing. I bake her stuff all the time and review the recipes on my blog. Now that's YUM-O! @ 11:47 AM  
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