Wednesday, May 03, 2006

North of Sunset

It was a while ago when Henry Baum emailed and asked me to take a look at his novel, North of Sunset. My pile of books is big and my free time is small so there are days when I don't read as much or as fast as I wish I could. I want to read this book especially after viewing this review and the interview posted here. I need another set of eyes or a nanny or maid or an assistant to do all the things I need to accomplish in one day. Then I could sit and read while my pool boy brings me chilly drinks with hunks of fruit dangling on the rim of the cocktail glass.

If murder and intrigue is your cup of tea then click here to buy this novel. You can read Henry's blog (because who doesnt have a blog these days, hmmmm?) right here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
DJ, your picks are, in so many ways, SO much better than Oprah's. I just love ya girl.

Angie @ 4:21 AM  
Blogger Distressed Jeans said...
Thanks Angie,

I appreciate the compliment!! Love ya right back! @ 10:11 PM  
Anonymous buy research papers said...
fine overwiew! gald that found it here. cheers @ 1:32 PM  
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