Thursday, June 08, 2006

Baby Proof

Claudia Parr is a career driven young woman who does not want children, ever. She’s been dreaming of things other than babies ever since she was a little girl. Claudia is very content to be a successful editor, married to her best friend and soul mate, Ben. The couple decide early on that baby booties and pacifiers are not for them, in fact it seems that not wanting children bonded them together like Krazy glue. It was to be them against the world without the interruption of night-time feedings and dirty diapers.

Soon after they get married, however, Ben and Claudia’s friends get pregnant and suddenly Ben thinks that having a child may not be such a bad idea. Claudia is staunchly against growing anything in her uterus and tells Ben there is no way she is ever going to have a kid. This of course drives a huge wedge between the two and divorce is the only option because now they want very different things from life. And so goes the story of Baby Proof by Emily Giffin who I recently interviewed.

I liked the book and enjoyed Emily’s writing style. She is certainly an author I'm going to continue reading for a long time but I do wonder what will happen when she runs of pastel colors for the book jackets. I recommend Baby Proof to those of you who take pleasure in women's fiction: it’s a good story, well written and an enjoyable way to spend a few hours of your reading time.


Blogger Swishy said...
Emily is great ... great style and a way of looking at things that seems a little bit fresh and different. I've been to readings for both Something Blue and Baby Proof and she's also a fantastic speaker!! @ 9:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
I absolutely adored this book and recommened it to my friends! @ 10:05 AM  
Anonymous LW said...
I LOVE Emily Giffin's books. Something Borrowed was fantastic as were her 2 other books. Please read them adn pass on her name to your friends! @ 5:40 PM  
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