Friday, August 18, 2006

Interview with...well, me!

I'm excited to see my name on someone's blog. That's really just the next step before seeing it on a billboard or a marquee, right?

Simon over at Bloggasm interviewed yours truly. Want to read the interview? I mention a few of my favorite sites and the books I'm looking forward to reading and other stuff. You can see a photo of me, the only one that I ever post with my eyes cut off.

You can read oour interview right here.

Thank you to Simon for inviting me on his site, that was fun!


Anonymous robin brande said...
Great interview! And I agree with you--I'm more likely to buy a book by an author I've gotten to know through an interview like the ones you do.

Keep doing what you do. I love your site. @ 12:28 PM  
Anonymous Angie said...
I don't read many blogs, and you have always been my top two favorites. I actually look forward to your interviews Cindy. You are a gifted conversationalist, and I can't wait to see what YOU write.

Angie @ 11:41 PM  
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