Friday, September 29, 2006

Joanna Schlip, Glamour Gurlz

Joanna Schlip is a world renowned makeup artist who has put makeup on many celebrity faces. I don't have enough room to list them all but let's just say she's powdered faces from Alicia Silverstone to Zooey Deschanel and everyone in between. In short, she knows her craft. I'm certain she could make me look like Marilyn Monroe at age twenty, Joanna is that good.

She put together this fabulous book called Glamour Gurlz where she shows how to apply cosmetics and get certain looks, all while focusing on being a strong, positive, confident girl. The book may be for young women just starting out with makeup application but please, we can all benefit from learning some tricks of the trade. A clean, pretty face always looks appropriate no matter what the age.

I had the opportunity to ask Joanna a few questions. Naturally I wanted to beg her to come over and make me over because all I can pull off is the heroin chic look and that's because I'm perpetually tired. I love love love makeup. Makeup and books and good vodka. Just kidding about the vodka. I'm not.

I present to you The Five Minute Interview with Joanna Schlip...

You've had the opportunity to do makeup on hundreds of famous faces. Which celebrity is the most fun to hang out with?

All of my clients are fun … just in different ways.

Do you crank up the tunes while you work or apply makeup in silence?

ALWAYS when possible.

What would the title of your autobiography be called?

Somebody needs to take a vacation.

In your opinion, what are some of the worst makeup crimes that women commit?

The floating face not blending foundation on the jaw line and the neck.

Oh, please mention the dark lip liner with frosty pink lipstick!

And yes.

What are your favorite beauty-nail-skin-hair products?

Skin- La Mer. Nails-hot pink polish even though I’m wearing black today. Hair-Kerastase products.

Do you do full face makeup on yourself every day?

No I do what I have to do. Cover this cover that… you get the picture.

Do you wear perfume? What scents do you like?

Yes. Marc Jacobs

I believe you can tell a little about a person based on what scents they wear. Do you agree?

Yes, I agree.

Glamour Gurlz is a great guide for all girls. What age do you think is it okay to wear makeup?

When a girl gets her menstrual cycle I think it’s a great way to celebrate the passage into womanhood …and with her parents approval. Even if it's only a clear lip gloss.

Should a woman wear less as she ages? What are the rules?

Yes. Too much product can actually age the face by accentuating lines and wrinkles so even though you want to cover uneven skin tones, go light with a foundation.

We are under the assumption that celebrities are perfect and gorgeous but you've seen them without the help of lighting and airbrushing and professional makeup. Are these superstars as glamorous in person as we see in magazines?

Everybody has good days and bad days.

You have traveled around the world, what cities are your favorite and why?

Rome for the people and the food, Paris for the architecture and Cairo for it’s amazing history.

Do women in different countries have varying attitudes about beauty?


Is there a plan to come out with your own line of cosmetics?

Not as of yet but I wouldn’t rule it out.

When girls/women read your book, what is one thing you hope they walk away having learned?

There is nothing more beautiful then a confident young woman!


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