Thursday, October 12, 2006

Book Expo 2007, let's party!

Ever since I found out about the existance of the Book Expo, I wanted to go. I promised myself that when my book was published I would go. Well, {{{fingers crossed}}} in November, my book, *A Thousand Dollars For a Kiss will be out and when people ask me what I do, I can say...I'm a writer! A real writer. Usually I sort of hesitate and then mumble something about wanting to be a writer.

Book Expo 2007 will be held at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City. Is there any better city than New York City? No. I haven't been there since I saw The King and I many years ago. By the way, when I say "party" I really mean let's talk about books over coffee.

I know many, many writers, editors, publishers attend this event, basically everyone involved in the industry is there and it's a great opportunity to network. I am anxious to meet up with several of the New York based writers I have interviewed. Plus, I want to shop in Greenwich Village and get muffins at Dean & Deluca and take in a show, maybe go somewhere for cocktails and hit the museums, take some photographs of the city, you a tourist.

Who's going to Book Expo 2007? Who has been? And who lives in New York City and wants to make me dinner? hardy har har...

*A Thousand Dollars for a Kiss offers a priceless—and hilarious--look at what can lie beneath the glitz and glamour of celebrity. Cindy infuses this "be careful what you wish for" tale with great energy, humor, and sharp, witty social observation.

Gayle Brandeis, author of Fruitflesh: Seeds of Inspiration for WomenWho Write, The Book of Dead Birds, and Self Storage


Anonymous Brenda said...
I attended BookExpo a few times when I was a book editor. I've never attended as an author, but I plan to in 2007. Let's party! Bring on the espresso! @ 10:53 PM  
Anonymous Angie said...
If you need an entourage or posse, I will make myself available and just go for total support of your book!! I will wear t'shirts with the title...whatever. the name's Angie and I am there if you need me. @ 3:28 AM  
Blogger allrileyedup said...
Are you seriously going to this? I'd totally go with you. @ 6:06 PM  
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