Monday, October 16, 2006

CWFW Seen around the world!

This is a sample of my sitemeter pie from two weeks ago. I received a lovely email from Esther who lives in Germany which prompted me to check out where everyone who reads the site is from. As you can see on this particular day, people from all over the world have been stopping by to read the author interviews! Another day I checked and saw someone had been on from Pakistan. Good books bring people together and I love that. Don't we all want to escape into a well written novel from time to time? And for the authors, isn't it an amazing feeling to know that the words you write are being read across the globe? It's the highest compliment for me when I get an email saying how much someone enjoys the site.

I want to give a shout out to all the readers who come from various countries to check out Conversations With Famous Writers, like John who emailed me from the UK this morning!

I started this blog and my only readers were my friends Stephanie and Kiersten. Slowly two readers become ten and so on, now my daily site views are averaging about fifteen hundred viewers a day with friends from every state and many countries. I am so pleased to be encouraging people to seek out books and authors they might not have discovered otherwise.

Keep reading! Peace to our friends around the world!


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