Monday, October 30, 2006

From book to the big screen

I love it when I see that a book is being turned into a film and always wonder how a screenwriter adapts the novel to film? I have not read this book but I know it was quite popular for a while.

There are many times I read a book and think it would make a fantastic movie, what's the process for taking a book and making it into a movie? Is it the screenwriter who brings the project to the table? A producer? If anyone knows, feel free to email me or post! I've long been intrigued with books to film. So many wonderful books would make interesting movies.

Here is the news about The Jane Austen Book Club:

Maria Bello, Emily Blunt, Kevin Zegers, Hugh Dancy, Maggie Grace, Amy Brenneman and Jimmy Smits have all signed on to star in The Jane Austen Book Club for Sony Pictures Classics and Mockingbird Pictures.The film is the adaptation of the Karen Joy Fowler novel; Robin Swicord wrote the script that revolves around a California-based group of women and one man who form a club that meets periodically to discuss Jane Austen novels. As they meet, their lives unfold, with marriages being tested, affairs beginning, unsuitable arrangements becoming suitable and love happening.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Brenneman will play Sylvia, whose husband Daniel (Smits) leaves her after 32 years of marriage. Bello will play Jocelyn, her best friend who never married. Zegers will play an oversexed teen who gets involved with one of the club's members, while Blunt will portray Prudie, a teacher with a worthy husband but is nagged by fantasies of sex with other men. Grace will play the lesbian daughter of Sylvia and Daniel, while Dancy is Grigg, a sci-fi fan and computer whiz.The Jane Austen Book Club is scheduled to begin shooting Wednesday in Los Angeles.


Anonymous RenaissanceGrrl said...
I'm surprised that they are turning that particular book into a movie, but then again I'm always surprised at what they will turn into a movie. I read the book and it was good but I didn't love it, although it sounds like they've got a great cast so the movie should be worthwhile. @ 11:29 AM  
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