Monday, December 04, 2006

Janet Evanovich, Twelve Sharp

I've been reading Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series for years and years. I cannot remember a time in my adult life when these books weren't around. The series about female bounty hunter Stephanie Plum from New Jersey are always super funny and entertaining with a cast of zany characters.

Janet Evanovich is an enormously popular writer- just walk through any airport and you will spot people reading her books in every terminal! I'm so grateful that she stopped by here to answer some questions. Now the only question that remains is, when will the studio start working on that Stephanie Plum movie?

When you first began writing about Stephanie, how many books did you envision for the series? What keeps you going book after book?

I had no number in mind. I keep writing about Stephanie because I enjoy it and there's an audience for the books.

What was the first item you treated yourself to when you were able to sit back and say, I'm successful at this writing thing..?

When I sold the movie rights to ONE I bought a bread machine and new bath towels.

I see lots of books with your name on them, were these novels you wrote before you got famous for Stephanie Plum's escapades or books you wrote after Stephanie burst onto the scene?

I wrote twelve small romance novels pre-Stephanie. These are now being re-released. I have a co-authored a series of six books that were written during the Stephanie years. I have a non-fiction HOW I WRITE book that came anout just a few months ago. And two years ago I started a second hard-cover series about a female mechanic and a race car driver. There are two books out in that series.

What makes New Jersey such a great location for a book? I love Jersey-the shore, the big hair, the long nails, the Camaros, the pizza...

All of the above, but most of all the people are great in Jersey.

I imagine Sandra Bullock as Stephanie and there is only one person who could play Ranger and that's Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson. But Morelli totally stumps me. Who do you imagine playing the characters as you write about them? And what's the scoop with a Stephanie Plum movie, I've been hearing rumors for years now. Let's get it going.

I don't imagine any of my characters as existing movie stars. They're unique in my head. TriStar owns the rights to the Plum series and can't seem to get their act together.

If you had to choose between Morelli and Ranger, who would it be? And don't tell me they are both great, I know that. I'd pick Ranger, he's so dark and sexy! (especially when you imagine The Rock as Ranger)

I'm partial to Ranger. I like the mystery.

Tell me about your newest book, How I Write. What prompted you to write a "How To"?

For years and years Alex had been archiving the writing Q&A off the website. It had become much too extensive and complicated for the fans to access so we decided to organize it into a book.

When you sit down to write a new novel, do you begin with an outline or do you let the book unfold as you go along? Do you ever get writers block?

I begin with a short plot outline. I always know the beginning and the end and a few things in the middle. I always know where I'm going with the relationships. I don't believe in writer's block. Some days I write ten pages and some days I write a single sentence, but I always show up for work.

What are some of your other talents?

Drawing, baking and I'm a pretty decent business woman.

Do you think you will write about Stephanie Plum indefinitely? And of course we all want to know what the future holds for her, do you have any hints you can drop?

Not sure about indefinitely but I have no plans to stop anytime soon.


Anonymous jeanne nasser said...
i just picked up one of your books that a friend of mine left behind and i was hooked, i am already half way through number 11 in this series. i have 12 and 13 to go. i read from 1 ti 5 7-10 or how the series goes. our library has a long list waiting for hot six. i would like to see stephanie and ranger hook up for a while. just leave joe alone for a while. please keep those stories coming you are a great author. @ 11:53 AM  
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