Saturday, December 16, 2006

Linda Wells, Confessions of a Beauty Editor

This is a beautiful book, chock full of gorgeous photographs and tons of beauty advice. Linda Wells, the editor of the beauty bible known as Allure, put together this awesome guide (along with the editors of the magazine) which has a permanent place within easy reach so I can pick it up and page through it for inspiration. Nails, hair, lips,'s all in this glossy book. I admit to being a total beauty product junkie and a devout reader of all beauty magazines so getting the book wasn't a choice- it was a necessity.

Written with a sense of humor, Confessions of a Beauty Editor is a great book to own. You can sit and read it in one sitting like I did, or page through it for advice as you need it. I am so grateful that Linda herself gave an interview to me so we could chat about a few things. Now we can be best friends and trade lipglosses and talk about new products. Get your copy of Confessions of a Beauty Editor here.

When you leave for vacation, what are the first and last things you toss in your suitcase?

Because my skin is the color of Wonder Bread, the first thing I pack is sunscreen (Anthelios SPF 50) and Heliocare (antioxidant tablets that protect the skin from sun damage). The last thing in the suitcase is a book—rarely a paperback because that would be too easy. For Christmas vacation, I’m taking Dave Eggers new book, “What is the What” and Claire Messud’s “The Emperor’s Children.”

What magazines and/or internet sites do you read to gleam the latest information and best trends or beauty tips?

I always check out the competition and read a whole list of beauty blogs regularly, but the information we report in Allure about new products, breakthroughs and trends comes from direct sources: the scientists, dermatologists, designers, cosmetics companies, and chemists who invent the trends. For tips, the makeup artists, hairstylists, facialists, beauty bloggers, and readers are invaluable. ((Note to Linda and other beauty lovers- check out Hello Dollface!))

What are your worst habits, beauty-wise? Do you pick pimples, rip off false eyelashes, bite your nails?

My worst beauty habit is forgetfulness. I usually don’t schedule a haircut until I look in the mirror and realize I can’t go another day without one. It’s gotten to the point where my hairstylist calls me to tell me it’s time to come in.

Complete the sentence, The best advice I ever received was_____________

The best advice I’ve ever received was not to talk about my flaws. If I tell everyone that I’ve gained five pounds or have a zit on my chin, then that’s all anyone will see. It’s probably all anyone does see, but I’m trying to curb the confessions. It takes a lot more will power than you’d think.

Is there anything in life that you absolutely will not do? For example, I will never wear a sweat shirt with Winnie the Pooh on it.

There are so many things I will not do. I will not get a tattoo, dye my hair brown (or pink), wear sneakers with a skirt, a pastel velour sweat suit, golf clothes, or a Lilly Pulitzer shift dress.

Do you watch Project Runway? Have you heard Heidi Klum's new holiday song yet?

I love Project Runway. Yes, saw the holiday video. Heidi’s eye shadow is lovely.

Can you list your very favorite products, please be sure to include the best mascara, lip gloss, foundation, primer.

My product favorites change every few weeks. At the moment, my favorite mascara is Max Factor Volume Couture. Foundation is Prescriptives Flawless Skin. Lip gloss is Nars. I don’t use a primer. Facial cleanser is Olay Daily Facials. Moisturizer is Dr. Brandt Lineless Cream. Anti-aging treatment is ROC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Night Cream. Body scrub is Clarins Smoothing Body Scrub. Shampoo is L’Oreal Vive or Garnier Fructis (I alternate). Volumizer: Kerastase Mousse Nutri-Sculpt and Garren Volumizing Spray. Fragrance is the new Chanel 28 La Pausa (I’m using a sample; the real thing comes out in February).

I was sixteen before my mother let me wear makeup. I was a tall, skinny, pale teenager with blonde eyelashes and light blue eyes and I needed color! How old were you when you began to wear makeup? Did you pile it on or show restraint?

I started wearing mascara and concealer when I was about 17. I didn’t wear much makeup until I started working, and even then, I exercised so much restraint that it was virtually invisible. My parents never forbade makeup; they didn’t have to: I went to a girls’ high school where no one really thought about it. In college, it wasn’t a big thing either unless we were visiting the clubs in the city. And then my friends made me up until I was unrecognizable.

If you could wake up and look like anyone in the world, who would it be?

If I could wake up and look like anyone? Well, about a thousand people come to mind. I’d love to have flat abs and thicker hair, even if only for a day.

I heard gloss is out and red lipstick is in. Any truth to this?

Gloss is out; red lipstick is in. Gloss is in; red lipstick is out. These are the things you hear every day. The fact is: red lipstick is as classic as gloss. Some women prefer the former; some go for the latter—and rarely do the same people go for both (I’m a gloss person).


Anonymous Lauren C. said...
Hello! My name is Lauren and I am a huge fan of Linda Wells. When I read that Linda Wells ( with the editors of Allure ) would be creating a book full of the best beauty tips, tricks, and secrets, I was in total bliss to hear such wondeful news. Of course, as I had anticipated, "Confessions of a Beauty Editor" left my beauty hungry appetite completely full of satisfatication and a new energized hope for my future beauty attempts, beginning with dinner, my boyfriend, and myself wearing lushes falsies that make my eyes pop. Linda Wells has unquestionably accomplished her mission to "demystify the subject [of beauty] and [make] the tools of beauty accessible to every woman, regardless of the symmetry of her features, her age, or her body type". I am eighteen, and my mother is fifty. For both of us to enjoy the significance of Allure together is beautiful, wonderul, and special, and Allure is a magizine I trust and admire. As an aspiring journalist for a beauty magizine, I hope to one day impact magizine readers in the way Linda Wells [and the editors of Allure] have impacted me. Allure has given me hope for my (or at least what I consider to be) flaws, has encouraged me to accept what is real about myself, and has taught me to explore the beauty within myself. Allure is undeniably "the beauty expert" and what is absolutely wonderful about this magizine is that it truly does take me beyond physical beauty.
Oh, and I think I have finally learned my lesson that the more expensive the make-up product is does not mean it is better!!! I was so surprised to read that Linda Wells used Max Factor Volume Couture. I use that mascara too! @ 1:53 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...
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