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Hip Tranquil Chick, Kimberly Wilson

This is the kind of book I like to page through with a cup of tea by my side during the silence of my day. At night I pull out a good novel or memoir but during the day I need the positive vibes and spiritually renewing energy from a book like HipTranquil Chick, A Guide to Life on and Off the Yoga Mat by Kimberly Wilson. I find that books like this keep me in a positive state of mind and helps to replenish my creative energy which burns like a candle due to all the responsibilities of being an adult. You know how it is!

What a calming, soothing, yoga filled treasure this is! Kimberly features adorable sketches of a hip chick doing yoga poses that you can do in the comfort of your own home. She suggests lots of music and books, inspiring quotes and tips ( plus "Omwork" at the end of each chapter) to nurture and encourage the reader.

When you have a bad day, how to you unwind and get in positive state of mind?

I jump into a hot bath, sip on some herbal tea, and take a moment to regroup. This, coupled with some journal writing or yoga, is my favorite way to let go and find some tranquility among chaos.

Why do people always do yoga without shoes or socks?

Yoga is done barefoot for good footing on a yoga mat. Also, the poses would be tricky with shoes, especially kitten heels, flip flops or your favorite stilettos. Finally, the feet are quite sensitive and, according to the art of reflexology, certain parts of our feet relate to certain parts of the body. So by giving our feet a work out on the yoga mat, you are also stimulating other organs.

Since doing yoga, how has your body and mind changed?

Considering I'm a Type A gal, yoga has had an amazing effect on my overall psyche. I'm calmer, able to connect more with my body, and have an amazing outlet for exercise. I've always been one to have "work out" on my to-do list but I struggled with making it happen as hitting the gym is not my cup of tea. Once I discovered yoga, that all changed as I crave the practice mentally and physically and feel so much better after practicing AND enjoy it while doing it - that is key. Yoga has also provided me with a sense of empowerment that feels amazing - as holding up ones body weight in a forearm stand is not for the faint of heart. By incorporating meditation into my repertoire, I've found my overall outlook on life to be more grounded and less reactionary. Yoga really does a body good!

You feature many inspiring quotes throughout the book. Which are most meaningful to you?

My favorite is the one by Anais Nin - And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. I am a huge Anais Nin fan and feel that this quote reinforces the importance of going after your dreams no matter how scary they are - as nothing is more scary or painful than staying in the status quo.

I love clothes! Tell me about the TranquiliT collection.

I, too, have a passion for fashion, along with convenience. So, unable to combine the two and tired of running around in leggings (before they were hip again) and t-shirts, I created my own. I needed clothing that I could practice and teach in, run around town in, and head to a date or business meeting in - thus TranquilliT was created. TranquiliT began in 2002 with t-shirts and yoga pants, evolved in 2004 into four fabulous tops, and now we have an entire collection of tops, tunics, dresses, accessories, pants, jumpsuits, and more.

In 2005 I discovered bamboo fabric and was immediately smitten. Now we produce mainly with eco-friendly fabrics such as bamboo, organic cotton, and soon-to-be-added soy! Today a yogini from the studio stopped by to share with me how much she was loving her new tres tunic and how she was able to wear it to work, to practice, and out on a date. It's been fun to see the TranquiliT clothing line evolve into a collection that is also resonating with others. We hope to add a maternity and plus size line shortly.

You're in Washington DC, have any famous politicians come in to your studio for a few sun salutations?

Not yet.

How long did it take for you to learn all the positions and everything about the practice of yoga?

I'm continually learning something new each time I hit the mat. My practice and knowledge of the practice grows daily. To supplement my learning, I take one teacher training a year and am about to embark on a one-month one in upstate New York. There is so much to learn about this ancient 5000-year-old practice and I love absorbing Western teachers' perspective of this divine yogic journey.

How would you describe yourself in five words?

Entrepreneur, designer, teacher, writer, activist

What is the last book you read? What are some spiritual books that you could recommend to me?

I recently finished Julia Cameron's book A Creative Memoir. Oh, I love, love, love books and have my favorites listed here.

Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

Great question considering I just recently did my 5-year plan. It was odd to think about my life in 2012 but it was also insightful. Here are a few of my thoughts, I'd like to: have my second book out (still determining what this will be); have a larger studio space in Dupont Circle; be taking at least one day off a week; have a condo in the lower east side of NYC; have a tea certification and small, cozy tea house; offer more workshops nationally to expand the hip tranquil chick community; still be doing ongoing podcasts and possibly vidcasts; be happy and healthy and surrounded by positive pals.

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Thanks for this interview. The book sounds intriguing--and fun. Yoga keeps me sane, too. @ 7:48 PM  
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Gosh, there is so much effective material here! @ 12:21 AM  
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