Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Model Summer

The first assumption would be that this novel is a fluffy, frilly book about what it's like to be a super model- days and nights full of gorgeous clothes and exciting parties. After all, it's written by Paulina Porizkova who was on the cover of every major fashion magazine back in the 80's, so she knows of what she writes. Pick up any Vogue from back in the day and you will see her in the glossy pages staring out at you with her big blue eyes. A Model Summer is very well written and while Paulina has a sense of humor, the book is not silly or light.

A Model Summer is about a poor teenage girl who is tall and skinny and is made fun of by her classmates. She gets a major opportunity to become a model in Paris and leaves all that she knows to live and work on her own. But it's much more than a simple story of a model. Paulina has surprised the critics with her writing talent. She describes her scenes so well that it's easy to imagine you are in the room with Jirina, the heroine of the book.

Of course as I was reading, I wondered how much of this book Paulina experienced herself as a young model in Europe. I recall Paulina never smiling in her pictures because she had bad teeth, just like the character of Jirina. A Model Summer is worth your time to read, scooping you up into the world of modeling and shocking you with the seedy details and gritty experiences of a young fashion model.

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