Friday, July 27, 2007

I sure do love good books!

For the longest time I heard the name "Jodi Picoult" but I never read her books. Once I started reading books by Jodi, I became hooked on her amazing talent to emotionally involve the reader in the story. She almost always offers some kind of shock or revelation about one of the characters. Nineteen Minutes is a four star book for sure.

Kate White knows how to spin a mystery and leave you nearly gasping for breath in anticipation of what comes next. Lethally Blonde was a quick page turner. I've been a fan since her first Bailey Weggins mystery novel If Looks Could Kill. If you enjoy Sue Grafton and Janet Evanovich, give Kate's books a whirl.

Right, then there's me, Cindy Bokma. This novel is a satirical look inside the life of a tabloid obsessed writer and her "friendship" with a pop star who is headed for a downward spiral. A Thousand Dollars for a Kiss, movie coming soon. Starring Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz... I wish! Take it to the beach and enjoy.

Not my usual style of book but it's funny and well crafted. I Love You, Beth Cooper is about a night in the life of nerdy Denis Cooverman after he proclaims his love for classmate Beth Cooper on their graduation night. Any author who can describe a pimple as being "succulent" can be a friend of mine. Larry Doyle scores points for being witty and sarcastic, my favorite combo.

I have many brand spanking new novels to read and I wish I had more time to sit and lose myself in a great book. I need a vacation because that's when I get tons of reading done. When I read, I imagine the book as a movie and mentally cast roles as the novel progresses. Tell me, how does one get a job turning books into films?



Anonymous Anonymous said...
If you like Jodi Picoult, I highly recommend My Sister's Keeper... sooo good! @ 5:23 PM  
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