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Caprice Crane, Forget About It

Imagine an accident where possible side effects include forgetting everything and everyone. Your friends and family think you have amnesia. Except you don't ...but if you did, you might get away with acting differently and potentially changing the course of your life. That is the premise of Forget About It, a new novel by the fabulous Caprice Crane. Jordan Landau is smart and funny but the people in her life- namely her boss, mother and boyfriend- don't respect her and she is guilty of letting them walk all over her. Jordan's introduction to amnesia comes by way of an accident while riding her bike. Here is the perfect opportunity to radically change herself. She can be bold and outspoken and get away with it.

Ahhh but nothing is ever that easy! An unexpected, unfortunate event forces Jordan to really question what's been going on in her life. Scarlett Johansson is going to star in the film version of the book, this will be a great movie.

Caprice is the author of the acclaimed Stupid and Contagious. She has a writing style that really talks to me. I totally get the sense that Caprice is an ultra cool chick and seriously, someday we will meet and become total BFFs. We'll collaborate on a hilarious screenplay and then get Reese Witherspoon and Matt Damon to star in our Academy Award nominated film. Caprice and I will go on to work together becoming the most in demand writing duo ever. You see she isn't the only one with a wild imagination.

Did you know that Forget About It is also the title of a movie starring perhaps the greatest actor of all time, Burt Reynolds? No doubt your book title was inspired by this Burt Reynolds-Richard Grieco- Raquel Welch vehicle.

I actually did not know that. I'm a HUGE Grieco fan. Who are those other two?

There are many things I would like to forget about including my hideous and painful braces and headgear years. What are some things you'd like to wipe from your memory?

For a period of time (spanning parts of both my sophomore and junior years in high school) some friends and I robbed 17 banks in the Southern California area. We shot and killed two security guards and a police officer. I'd love to wipe that from my memory, as the ski-masks we all wore were NOT flattering at all.

Do prefer screenwriting to novel writing? What are some of the challenges involved with both?

I'm more familiar with screenwriting only because I've been doing it longer and went to film school for it but I enjoy both. I wouldn't do both if I didn't. Both are tough and both can be rewarding. (You'd think I'm getting paid every time I use the word "both.") Both are very solitary, so sometimes it can be challenging to have a social life. Or to even get out of my pajamas. Because I'm in the book-promotion-phase right now, the first thing that comes to mind re: challenges with novel writing, is getting people to know about your book. It's tough to get anyone to pay attention to fiction writers. People have to go and pull crazy stunts like make short films!

How do you lift your spirits when you are having a bad day?

I take my Barbies out from under my bed and use them to re-enact scenes from "All My Children" circa 2001. This way Ryan and Kendall always stay together. ALWAYS. There is nothing you can do about it, Annie!!

Okay - truthfully, since I can't always be silly (or can I?) I listen to music. Whatever album I'm into at the time can often help. Or make it worse. But deliciously worse. The soundtrack to my pain.

Also, just to look at my dog Max's funny expressions is like an Anti-Sad Pillâ„¢. His face is probably one of the best things in existence. That, and breakfast.

Are there ever days when you would like to be a movie star? Imagine the fun, the endless cash to spend on sassy new clothes and cute shoes, relaxing spa days and spray tans, dinners at Il Sole and Nobu, hobnobbing with the likes of Jennifer Aniston or whomever.

See, when I pretend to act all of these things out, my dedication to reality forces me to also snap pictures of myself from unflattering angles while wearing zit cream in a grocery store, and then send them to Perez Hilton.

I just watched Passing the Time on your myspace page. How did that come about?

I was at the Coffee Bean on Sunset with two of my friends, Cristina and Abby (Abigail Spencer--the gorgeous and talented star of my short film), and we were talking about collaborating on something. I mentioned the idea I had for the short, and how since Disney had optioned the feature film rights to Forget About It, I couldn't make it "based on" my book but I could do something completely different yet "inspired by" it, and it would be a great way to promote the book. So I wrote the script, sent it to Abby and she loved it. Abby had just guest-starred with Reid Scott on My Boys and knew he'd be perfect so we got the script to him and he totally dug it too (he's an amazing actor by the way). Next thing I knew we were scouting locations, getting a crew together and making this no-budget short. (Which was recently featured on the home page of Will Ferrell's site under "Hot Right Now.")

So, both the short and the book explore amnesia, but are completely different animals. In Forget About It, the lead character decides to fake amnesia to reinvent herself. In Passing The Time, the lead character has amnesia when we meet him and we have to go on the journey to figure out what happened and who he is. You can check it out here.

What drink do you order when you are out at a bar? Are you into flirty, fruity drinks or hardcore beverages? Perhaps a Perrier?

I don't drink alcohol because it doesn't mix well with the heroin. Out at a bar? You're assuming I leave my house.

What is the last book you read?

How To Talk To A Widower by Jonathan Tropper. A great friend of mine was only half-way through reading it, knew that it was right up my alley and ordered it for me from amazon without even having finished it. (How nice was that by the way?) Well, he was right. Tropper is a genius.

If you could write for any television show, which one would you choose?

So tough! I honestly think some of the best writing is on television and has been for several years now. You know those people who act all superior? Like, "I don't watch TV. I don't even own a television." Yeah - that's not me. I love my one-hours. LOVE them. There are so many that I watch. The dream would be to work for Aaron Sorkin or Shonda Rhimes. I bow down to them. But, jeez..even the cable channels are producing some really fantastic shows - and I don't mean HBO which is a given. I'm talkin' TNT...FX... by the way, where does Denis Leary get off having so much freakin' talent?

What is your idea of a perfect day when you are in LA? What about New York ?

LA? Hanging out with Mary-Kate. New York? Hanging out with Ashley.

What do you think you will be doing one year from today?

I better be cashing million dollar checks or someone's gonna get cut.

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Anonymous Cmate said...
This sounds like a book I would be able to relate... I'll add this onto my reading stack as well.

thanks for the writeup in here. @ 2:14 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Forget About It is a great book, but she wrapped it up kind of weird...I agree with the other person here. It was like she was under a deadline, and I couldn't tell where the character was really heading with her love interest. It wasn't as much of a fake, unbelievable ending as her previous book, but I could've handled a little more insight after reading all that came before it. I could've done without the lighthouse near fatality as well. Seemed a little too fairy tale at that point. @ 4:22 PM  
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