Friday, August 24, 2007

Five Minutes with Maggie

In her novel, Special Relationship, Robyn Sisman explores the secrets kept between a mother, Annie Hamilton, and her son, Tom. The novel opens days before the 1992 Presidential election. Annie, living in England, can't forget her days at Oxford University, when she and Jordan had a brief, but passionate affair. Annie held that memory close to her heart for years - along with a secret that could devastate her family and Jordan's shot at the Presidency. When Tom discovers a photograph of his mother and Jordan in their youth, he suspects that she hasn't been honest to him about anything because, strangely, Tom and Jordan very closely resemble each other. Tom dashes off to the U.S. to confront Jordan, and enlists the help her best friend Rose, a media magnate in New York. But does Rose have the best intentions? Or is this the perfect story so spice up her magazine?

Flashing between Tom's chase and Annie's memories, Sisman carefully intertwines and unravels the lives of her characters. Turn after turn, the tension builds and eventually culminates at a surprising, but happy end. Also, watch for the creatively titled chapters - they cleverly reflect the songs from the 1960s and 1970s and subtly set the tone for each chapter. -Maggie Marton

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