Saturday, September 08, 2007

Five Minutes with Maggie...

The relationship between sisters, especially if you're close in age, is one of the greatest and toughest relationships a woman will ever have. My sister and I can be best friends some days and argue on others, but the best is knowing that we will always be there to support and love one another.

In her book A Tale of Two Sisters, Anna Maxted tells the story of sisters Lizbet and Cassie. Lizbet, the happy-go-lucky older sister, and Cassie, the professionally successful younger sister, are extremely close. Over the years they learned to rely on and support each other to make up for the lack of attention from their distracted parents. But when tragedy befalls one sister and an old family secret threatens to tear them apart, the sisters struggle to maintain their love for each other while repairing their tattered lives.

Alternating chapters tell the stories through the eyes of each sister. Maxted's technique of using two perspectives expertly illustrates the complicated relationship formed and tested between sisters, and it certainly made me think about imagining life through the eyes of my own fabulous sister! - Maggie Marton

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Blogger Manic Mom said...
Ooh, you know what? I have not read her stuff yet, but this one looks very, very good!

How are you DJ/Cindy? Hope all is well! @ 3:26 PM  
Anonymous Cmate said...
Sounds like a good book... I think I would like it. @ 2:08 AM  
Blogger Clea Simon said...
I ADORE Maxted! I actually interviewed her years and years ago, when her first book was finally pubbed in the US, and have followed her since. Somehow, however, I missed this new one. Thanks for the word! @ 6:50 PM  
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