Sunday, September 16, 2007

How To Talk To A Widower

How To Talk To A Widower by Jonathan Tropper is about a guy named Doug Parker. He says this throughout the book, "I had a wife. Her name was Hailey. Now she’s gone. And so am I.

His beloved wife died in a plane crash and he's not ready to move on. He is having a tough time and complicating things is Hailey's teenage son Russ, a sexy married neighbor who brings more than meatloaf to the widower, Doug's bossy sister Claire and his dramatic mother. An interesting cast of characters in a quirky, well written book. Click here for a Readers Guide.

This book has received all kinds of praise and I noticed it first in People Magazine. When Caprice Crane mentioned the book, I knew I would enjoy it. How To Talk To A Widower has been optioned by Paramount and his other novel, Everything Changes, will also be turned into a major motion picture. He is living my dream. Congrats on all the success, Jonathan!

You can read more about his books at his website here.

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