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Dr. Jeannette Graf- Stop Aging, Start Living

Dr. Jeannette Graf is a well known dermatologist who is frequently cited in beauty magazines and her book Stop Aging, Start Living is a must read for those of us who care about health and beauty. Dr. Graf is a stunning lady who is not only beautiful but very smart too! She is clearly doing something right.

This is a fantasic book with straightforward advice on how to take care of yourself from the inside out and slow the aging process. She talks a lot about ph levels, acids and alkalines and their impact on your health. Dr. Graf offers nutritional and practical advice that is easy to follow.
I read Stop Aging, Start Living quickly and keep referring back to it. It's a book I will keep for reference and pull it out when I need to fix my diet and modify my eating habits.

If you were going on a trip but could only take six beauty items, what would you pack?

Pre-moistened make-up removal pads
Microdermabrasion scrub (which I would use on my face and body)
Eye cream
Hydrating moisturizer for night with retinol
SPF and anti-oxidant cream for day
Thick, rich body cream

I was on an Extra Virgin Coconut Oil kick for a while because I read there were tons of benefits to this particular oil. What are your thoughts on Coconut Oil as a supplement?
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil has a number of health benefits and has been used for centuries in many countries. Coconut oil contains anti-bacterial lipids which are beneficial for the immune system and medium chain triglycerides which are healthier than long chain triglycerides found in many seeds and vegetable oils.

Apple Cider Vinegar is also supposed to be really beneficial. What is with the vinegar being so healthful?

Organic Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar has a number of health benefits including a cleansing effect. It is rich in minerals including calcium and potassium, as well as folic acids.

I cant stop drinking coffee although most times its decaf and I drink a lot of water and green tea as well. What are some of the foods/beverages you consume even though they might not be ideal?

Well, I love having coffee in the morning and sometimes in the late afternoon. I also love wine with dinner and it’s hard for me to say no to crème brulee. The key is that I thoroughly enjoy them understanding that I will not permit myself to feel guilt – and I will have an extra scoop or two of alkalinizing powder in my cocktail.

Lets say you are out and about, running errands and are suddenly overcome with terrible hunger. What is a good on the road pick-me-up that won't cause a spike then dip in energy?

Fortunately, more and more places are offering some healthier alternatives. If this ‘dip’ is not unusual for you than it is a good idea to carry healthy snack bars from the health food stores (be careful of the sugar content). If you are at a Starbucks or other type place – get the fruit and yogurt parfaits since the fruit and granola will give natural sugar and fiber while the protein will sustain you and lessen hunger.
Other alternatives which can be found in airports, mini-marts, etc include raw unsalted almonds or cashews and raisins, wheat-thins, fruit, string cheese.

What are a few items that we should definitely have *stocked in our pantry/fridge at all times?

There are a number of non-perishable items which are always good to have on hand and stocked. Keep raw nuts and seeds stocked as well as baked potato chips, organic dried fruit including raisins, apricots and apples. Extra-virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar and/or apple cider vinegar. Whole grain pastas, brown rice, spices including cinnamon, cumin, black pepper and sea salt.
(*I have all these in my cupboards! I'm healthier than I thought.)

Taking the time to laugh and relax and have fun are key components to the anti-aging plan. What makes you laugh? What is your favorite way to relax?

I love watching Mel Brooks movies and watching episodes of The Simpsons and Family Guy with my kids. They are actually the funniest people I know and I love to joke around with them. Dancing and spinning (I dance on my spin bike) relax me. I smile a lot and just love spending time with my two dogs and two cats.

What do you think of Botox shots? This makes no sense to me- poison injection into the face and it needs to be redone in months anyway.

As with any and all cosmetic procedures – they are strictly a matter of personal preference and one should be absolutely comfortable with the procedure and doctor performing it. I do think that Botox is extremely safe, painless and when performed by a properly trained cosmetic physician can make a huge improvement in helping frown lines as well as other problems.
It is expensive and it is up to the patient to decide whether they love their results enough to keep getting it.

Tell me again why eating fruit on an empty stomach is healthier than combining with a meal? Speaking of combining, do you eat your fats/protein together and carbs separately? When is the best time to eat vegetables?

Eating fruit on an empty stomach or prior to a meal is advisable since fruit empties out of the stomach faster than other foods. If fruit is eaten after a meal or after protein and/or fats, it will sit in the stomach until the other foods empty out and ferment in the meantime.
Vegetables can be eaten after fruit and/or with protein; they do not travel as quickly as fruit and don’t ferment the way fruit does.

I rather have salty chips or a bagel or bread and butter than ice cream or cookies any day. What is a satisfying way to stave off the carb craving? I know I'm not alone in my carb love!
The best way to stave off the carb craving is to do what you can to keep blood sugar stabilized. This includes eating more frequent small meals or healthy snacks with foods that have a low glycemic index since they do not cause the fluctuations in blood sugar which lead to carb cravings. Also, having an alkalinizing cocktail and taking spirulina in powder form (if you like) or tablets (my personal preference) has a great effect in stabilizing blood sugar and carb cravings.

Any plans to write another book? I really enjoyed this one.

Thanks so much for the kind feedback – that is a very good question. I’m still recovering from this one.

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