Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Five Minutes With Maggie...

Man of the Month Club by Jackie Clune

Immediately after her 39th birthday celebration, luxury baby goods designer Amy Stokes faces a breakdown. She accidentally runs over her little dog, discovers an abandoned baby on the steps of her shop, and her three best friends announce that they're pregnant. Though she never cooed over the infants coming in and out of her shop, she suddenly craves motherhood. Like the successful entrepreneur she has become, she instantly formulates a plan: meet a successful or handsome or intelligent man, conduct a brief affair, and then have a fabulous baby. Not in her plan, though, is getting stood up, dumped, or stumbling across the perfect guy… who already has children.

Though the plot of Jackie Clune's novel is somewhat predictable, the humor carries the story. As Amy's series of dates, mishaps, and frustrations unfold, you can't help but root for her to succeed. The novel is extremely well-written so that each time Amy failed, I found myself cheering for her to try again! --Maggie Marton

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