Saturday, October 20, 2007

Five minutes with Maggie...Throw Like A Girl

Throw like a Girl by Jean Thompson

Short stories seem to be the most difficult form of writing to execute. In only a few short pages – less than a novel's chapter length – the writer must create a character, set a scene, pose and resolve a conflict. In her collection of short stories, Jean Thompson masterfully delivers on all those levels and more. The collection captures the lives of woman in different stages of their lives. From the angst-ridden teenager to aging mistresses and wives, Thompson's characters evoke an emotional resonance that will be familiar to all women.

The casual, conversational language makes these stories pass by too quickly. Thompson creates a world, a life, or a personal revelation that is both powerful and moving, even though most stories are only a dozen pages long. -Maggie Marton



Blogger M said...
I loved her novel City Boy. If you haven't read it, I bet you'd love it, if you like her other writing. It is one of the books that's stayed with me the most out of the many I've read the past few years. @ 4:18 AM  
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