Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Style A to Zoe

I remember hearing about Rachel Zoe so long ago, back when she used to go by her last name of Rosenzweig. I knew of her before she was styling the likes of Jennifer Garner and Salma and Nicole and Mischa and Cameron etc. Rachel has worked herself up into being one of the most in demand fashionistas in Hollywood and everyone who is anyone has been styled by her. And now, you and I can dress like or mini Rachel's thanks to her book, Style A-Zoe, which is co written by Rose Apodaca.

The book is a lovely fashion how-to with darling illustrations, lots of photos and little tips and ideas on how to develop your own style. Rachel shares details about herself including her love of deep tans, bold jewelry and Halston. I appreciate her creativity and sense of fashion, I really love creative, visual people. Rachel also offers tidbits about entertaining, travel, hair and makeup.

I think you have to find a look that works for you and build on it. For example, my friend Stephanie can wear knee socks, a funky vintage dress, high heels, a beanie and a messenger bag and look darling while my kids ask me if I'm trying to look like a hobo if I should wear such an outfit. My other friend Heidi always wears form fitting jeans and tailored clothes that suit her tiny, petite frame. And I go for anything including jeans and vintage necklaces, leopard print shoes and tee-shirts.

If you are style-impaired and need the help of Miss Rachel Zoe or just want a peek at a fun book with some inspiring ideas, check this one out.

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