Friday, November 30, 2007


Several months ago, I was at a swanky event in Hollywood when I bumped into an acquaintance. We got to chatting and she mentioned she was reading a book called, Eat Pray Love. I made a mental note to learn more about it so I took a look on Amazon when I got home. People were raving about it! What was it about this book with a word written in noodles that captured every one's attention?

Time passed and I read little things about Eat Pray Love here and there. One day I happened to turn the Oprah show on (you know how I only watch once in a while? I swear that's true) and who happened to be on the show but the author, Elizabeth Gilbert. She's not only a writer with a super successful book but she is cute and sweet and funny and smart, all the things I aim to be. I was compelled to get my manicured hands on this book ASAP.

I read it quickly and enjoyed it, devouring the part about Italy (inspiring jealously in many women I'm guessing. After all, when in your entire life can you ever eat whatever the heck you want? in Italy!?) and feeling inspired by the love part. The pray part was a learning experience for me, not knowing much about an ashram. One of the girls in my book club chose this for November's read, so I was a step ahead since I already experienced the Eat Pray Love phenomenon. We gathered to discuss what we thought- everyone enjoyed it. No doubt, it was a good book and if the rumors are true that Julia Roberts will be in the film version, then I will be first in line. A movie of this book would be terrific, especially with the backdrop being Italy, India and Indonesia. Can you imagine? An Oscar contender, I can see it now.

So what's the big appeal about a woman who embarks on a trip to three places? We talked about this in our book group. Who among us can pick up our lives and move overseas for a couple of months to fully immerse ourselves in a culture? Wouldn't it be nice to have a great adventure to shake us from our ho-hum routines? When tough times come, and they always do, most people cannot take a trip that sweeps us to faraway places to heal spiritually and mentally and physically (how could I even leave for 2 weeks with the dogs and the kids and husband depending on me?). The appeal of the book might be that it's got something for everyone: heartache, pain, relationships, life changes, travel, food- oh the food!- a woman's journey and ultimately a very happy ending.

Suffering from a wicked winter cold, I was laying in bed flipping channels and just so happened to watch about five minutes of Oprah. What should appear on the bottom of the screen but a little caption announcing more of Eat Pray Love on Oprah this coming week. What is the universe trying to tell me with all these little mentions of the book? Maybe I should write my own book...I think it would be called either Book Agent Now Please or Mom Tired Nap. Kidding! I am always up for an adventure, especially one that allows me to grow in different ways like a tree sprouting new branches. Be sure to pick up a copy of Eat Pray Love and let me know what you think.

PS. The author lives in New Jersey. If that's not enough for us to become BFF, I don't know what is.

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Anonymous seeing said...
This book is fantastic! A must read. I spent a weekend with friends closed up in my room reading this book because I couldn't put it down (the walks in the woods for a break was a wonderful compliment to it). It has delighted all of my friends and family I have recommended it to. Beautiful written, it is my top pick of 2007. She is a brilliant writer. Not overwriting like many authors tend to do, not underwriting where you are left outside the book. High 5! @ 11:45 AM  
Anonymous write a book said...
Well, I have to disagree...I loved the first part of Gilbert's book, when she was in Italy. She really captivated me. By the time I got to the second part, I was seeing a formula. She repeats herself, and again in Bali, and what actually happens? She falls in love, does a lot of soul searching, and gives us an insider's view of her life. She's a good writer--no doubt about that. And I'm happy the book's so successful. I found it too lightweight, though, and the repeating template was not engaging after a while. @ 11:08 AM  
Anonymous Allen said...
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