Sunday, December 02, 2007

Five Minutes with Maggie

The novel takes place over the course of an evening in which a suicidal patient, Elizabeth Cruikshank, tells her story of isolation to her psychiatrist, David McBride, who is struggling with his own loneliness. The story disentangles a heartbreaking story of passion, love, art, and death, which leaves both doctor and patient changed forever. The eccentric Elizabeth strikes a cord within David that calls him to question his own disintegrating marriage. Through her insights and passions, he begins to understand the meaning behind his own life and love.

Vickers meticulously weaves the strands of her two characters' lives together in this captivating tale, and her elegant prose resonates well after finishing the novel. Utilizing flashbacks and the doctor's innermost thoughts, the overall story shows that we can never help who we fall in love with or why.

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