Thursday, December 27, 2007

Kabul Beauty School and other books

I was never interested in the Middle East, I admit. That part of the world was as distant and unrelatable to me as Mars. Like I said before I had The Kite Runner on my shelf for years! But once I read that book, I became interested in the Middle East and the people. I read A Thousand Splendid Suns and then tried to find another book so I could learn more about the women of Afghanistan. I recalled reading a review of the Kabul Beauty School so I got a copy.

I loved the story of Debbie, an American beautician who helped to train and teach Afghan women to work in the world of hairdressing and beauty. You might not think it would be too important or have a lasting impact but what Debbie did is amazing and commendable. She taught many women, helping them to develop skills that would earn these women, so many repressed and dependent on men, an income. These women learned skills and gained confidence. I loved reading the stories Debbie shared, so many of them heartbreaking. Unless you take an interest and learn about how women are treated, you can't imagine what many of them go through. After reading this book, I feel so much compassion for the women and I wish them lifetimes of blessings and peace. For more information, please go to Kabul Beauty School or Oasis Rescue.

I was eager to read this book as I've enjoyed Steve Martin's comedy for years. Not that I'm that old, but I watched Saturday Night Live reruns and have seen his skits and movies and read Shopgirl. Born Standing Up (how painful that must have been for his mom, hardy har) is a look behind the comedy starting when Steve was a teenager selling Disneyland guide books for a few cents. He had a keen interest in magic and worked to hone his craft beginning at Disneyland and then moving to other places and bigger venues. Steve worked hard for years and years and his huge success was earned with dedication and ambition. I enjoyed reading the book and I am always interested to gleen information on how creative people "make it."

I think Sue Grafton's books are getting better and better! T is for Trepass was a page turning novel combining the topics of identity theft with elder care and abuse. Of course the book features our favorite detective, Kinsey Milhone. The book is detailed and so well crafted that I didn't want it to end. The book flips from Kinsey's voice to evil Solana's point of view which gave insight to the books villian. I know that fans of Sue Grafton's will be eagerly reading this book and hoping that her U is For... book comes out sooner rather than later!

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