Sunday, January 13, 2008

Book to Film, Atonement

Sometimes months and months go by and I don't get to the movies. For some reason, I have been seeing many films recently. I love going to the movies and sitting through the trailers and I love the anticipation of being taken out of my element for two hours while I am immersed in a story.

I read Atonement several years ago. I remember laying on my couch reading this thick novel with my fingers turning the pages as quickly as possible. Fast forward to now when the movie version is on the big screen and nominated for many awards. It is a visual feast with glamorous shots of a mighty mansion and a lush green garden, war torn England, and Keira Knightley with her red stained lips and an ever- present cigarette dangling from her skinny fingers. With a novel you engage your imagination but a movie allows you to sit back and be fed the story.

The film was amazing, gorgeous cinematography and costumes. The character of Briony is constructed carefully as a bored young girl with a wild imagination who reinvents the events of one night and sets the lives of the characters up like dominoes, destined to fall. Like The Kite Runner, this film (and book) shows how an action during one's youth can impact the rest of a life, or many lives.

I love when I go to the movies and walk out thinking, "OH MY GOSH, EVERYONE HAS TO SEE THIS!" and then its on my mind for days and days. I keep rethinking the hip, quirky dialogue of Juno. The Bourne Ultimatum had me on the edge of my seat, that was a great movie. Sweeney Todd was gory and dark, The Kite Runner had great acting and was emotional, Atonement was beautifully done, see it if you can. But read the book too.

Next movie for me is 27 Dresses with Katherine Heigl. I love a good chick story and this film is written by the screenwriter who penned the film version of The Devil Wears Prada. Let me turn off my brain for a bit and be entertained!

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