Thursday, January 17, 2008

Books to Film, I Love You Beth Cooper

More to book to movie news! I love it when I hear about a book that is being made into a film and its happening more and more. Congrats to author Larry Doyle, he's living my dream!
Here's the scoop:
Hayden Panettiere is set to star in I Love You, Beth Cooper, a teen comedy that’s going to be produced by Chris Columbus (Rent, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets).
Hayden will play Beth Cooper, a cheerleader who is the object of a nerdy valedictorian’s obsession. The pair embark on a series of misadventures after he proclaims his love for her in his graduation speech.



OpenID bookbabie said...
Just finished reading it, funny book, even to old boomers like me:) @ 6:02 PM  
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