Thursday, January 10, 2008

Five Minutes with Maggie

GRITS Friends Are Forevah: A Southern-Style Celebration of Women by Deborah Ford

I'm certainly not a southern gal – I was raised in the Midwest, and I currently live on the east coast. But this book, dedicated to GRITS (Girls Raised in the South) made me wish just a little that I was from a southern state. The third installment in Ford's GRITS series of books is an endearing "how to" of meaningful, long-lasting friendships. Ford covers the importance of mothers and sisters, best friends, acquaintances, and neighbors. While Ford's own experiences direct the narrative, quotes about friendships, anecdotes, and other tidbits are sprinkled throughout the book.

This isn't the book to pick up if you're looking for a plot or characters to cheer for. Instead, it's written as an inspirational guide to making new friends, cultivating friendships, and the little ways in which our friends are invaluable to our lives. While the overall message of the book is uplifting, many of the chapters also include a mix of heartwarming and heartbreaking tales. This book would be the perfect gift for your best girlfriends and sisters – as long as you give a box of tissues to go with it! -Maggie Marton

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