Friday, January 11, 2008

Makes me believe

I am completely intrigued with this Diablo Cody girl. Her story inspires me and makes me believe anything is possible! You must imagine me running through a field of wildflowers with my pet unicorn saying that. Seven long years ago I decided to become serious about being a writer because before, you know, I was just joking. I started writing stories and they turned into novels and then I began this blogging thing which was at the time, just beginning to become a phenomenon. Fast forward to now when I have this blog (going strong, yay) plus Hello Dollface and a book out in the world. The movie deal hasn't happened but I'm optimistic.

Right at this moment, I am in the beginning stages of developing a feature film with a writer who made several movies for Disney. This is HUGE, people. I am in the midst of reworking my second novel. That brings me right back to Diablo Cody and isn't that like the coolest alias ever? Maybe I should rethink my name and christen myself with a hipper moniker. Harlow, I like Harlow. Harlow Kitten.

Diablo was a stripper by night and blogger probably by early evening. Then- boom! Book deal! Followed by a movie deal. And the movie is so funny and cool and the dialogue is rather brilliant. Ellen Page is not only super cute but a great actress. Jennifer Garner is reserved and icy in a good way while Jason Bateman- gosh remember him on Silver Spoons?- he's pretty outstanding too. Its wonderful that a newcomer to the Hollywood scene is getting accolades and awards and she is the hippest hottest thing in Hwood right now.

Blog to book deal to movie deal, this is the stuff dreams are made of. It makes me believe that it could happen to me too and then sooner the better because I'm not getting any younger. But until then, head to your local theater and see Juno. In the meantime, I want to read Candy Girl.

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Blogger Manic Mom said...
Hey Cindy, I'm TOTALLY with you on this Diablo crush, and thanks to CWFW, you got me HOOKED! I bought Candy Girl for myself for Christmas after I discovered it on your blog, and then saw Juno. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!! Love everything about it! And the big thing in our 'hood is that Diablo grew up around here and went to the Catholic high school here so everybody is linked to her somehow so she is the absolute talk o the town here too!!!

We will get there someday... keep on writing, keep on dreaming!!!!

In the meantime, keep running through that field of flowers alongside your pet unicorn!!

xo Steph aka Manic @ 7:24 PM  
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