Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Now in Paperback! Self Storage

I saw my friend Gayle Brandeis today. Its always a treat to see her. Gayle has been a wonderful mentor and friend and if you don't have a Gayle in your life, someone who cheers you on and believes in you, then you must get one.

She told me about the video she created for Self Storage and I wanted to share it with my readers. The whole video- for- books thing is new to me. I was reading about a book on Amazon and there was a video to accompany the synopsis! Wow, I'm so late to the game here.

If you haven't read Self Storage, you absolutely have to, it's brilliant as is her novel, The Book of Dead Birds. I love Gayle's writing. Also it's rumored to be a Target Breakout Book soon so consider yourself in the know. Enjoy her video!

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