Thursday, February 28, 2008

What I'm Reading Now...

I've been having a busy life lately. Besides taking a screenwriting class so I can turn books (mine and others) into movies, I went up to Hollywood for a night of pre-Oscar clubbing (see and it took me days to recover. I'm trying to update my websites and stay on top of all the happenings in Hollywood, plus work on a new Victorious Girls book and read every day. I read something whether it's a magazine, self help book (usually something on positive thinking) or a novel. My latest passion is reading screenplays which might seem dry and boring but I am loving it.

I started Bringing Home the Birkin which is a funny, true tale of one man's Birkin brokering. I also have Oscar Season next to my bed, I thought it was the perfect book for this time of year. Two books I'm anxious to dive into are Leslie Lehr's Wife Goes On and Alison Larkin's The English American. For my book club, we are reading Jane Austen's Persuasion which is accruing overdue fines from the library this minute. Into The Wild by John Krakauer is high on my list of books to read and Four Queens by Nancy Gladstone will go perfectly with my quest to dig into intriguing historical novels.

I was sad about the Writers Strike but that did give me more time to read because I spent less time in front of the television. Then my husband decided to upgrade our cable TV package and I was suddenly obsessed with the healthy living channel, Veria. And now I get the Style Network! And more movie channels! And we have a DVR now too. I really need an extra couple of hours in my day to sit down and read books.

We are leaving for vacation soon and vacation to me means time to read because I don't have to be cooking and cleaning like a modern day Cinderlla in Chuck Taylors and Lucky jeans. I can't wait to see how many novels I can get through while I'm sitting in the shade with a huge hat, oversized sunglasses and my SPF 60, drinking exotic drinks like...water with lemon. Happy Reading!



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