Monday, March 10, 2008

Into The Wild

There is something hauntingly beautiful about Alaska. Maybe it's the fact that the state is so remote, so removed from the fast pace of my home in southern California. It could be the raw and natural beauty of rugged, snow capped mountains rising majestically into the vivid blue sky. Perhaps it's the verdant green trees where eagles nest in the top branches. Whatever it is, Alaska is intoxicating. I've been there twice and can't wait to go back for more. The pictures I posted in my last entry were from a trip I took to Alaska a few years ago, along with these above.

The air is clean, the sky unmarred by smog and pollution. Seeing an eagle circle the water and dive, coming up with a salmon in its mouth is something you don't shrug off and forget. Old fishing boats with peeling paint bobbing in the harbor, the crusty fisherman in a warm coffee shop eating an early morning omelet before a busy day, the light misty rain that escapes from the dense clouds on a foggy day, its etched into my mind forever. There's no doubt about it, once you've experienced Alaska, you try to find a way to get back.

During this last week, I was on a cruise to Mexico. and I brought along the book Into the Wild. I read it with intense interest. I loved it- I can understand the motivation behind Chris McCandless's journey into the heart of Alaska, leaving behind any modern conveniences to live off the land. I understand the wanderlust element. The story is heartbreaking, sad, beautiful. Coincidentally, the ship was showing the film Into the Wild. I eagerly placed myself in front of the thirteen- inch television in our cabin to watch the book come to life for me.

The movie depicted Chris as an intense drifter. The fact he was able to survive as he did amazes me, then again I'm a girl who can't live without lipstick and a blowdryer. Into The Wild, both the book and movie left me with a lingering sadness, I thought about Chris for days. The cinematography was incredible and the soundtrack, with Eddie Vedder's soulful voice, really added to the gloomy vibe- you know ahead of time that it's not going to end well.

I highly recommend the book by John Krakauer and the movie, which was written by Sean Penn. Kudos to Sean! You know how I love movies based on books.



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