Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Author Stephanie Laurens Eco House!

I'd love to have a home on this land!

I've always wanted a spiral staircase. I really like the modern touches.

I can easily imagine myself dramatically draped over this chair.

When my husband tells me our curren home is the house we will stay in forever, I have to disagree. I love my comfortable refuge but I have big plans for our future residence. My ideal home would be completely eco friendly like author Stephanie Laurens' home in the above photos.Recycled everything, solar panels, modern and cool, that's my dream home. I would decorate in neutral, soft colors with pops of orange and red. You'd walk into my house and feel completely relaxed because it would be arranged with the art of feng shui. Stones and glass and water, maybe an indoor waterfall with recycled water, why not?

Stephanie's house looks pretty incredible doesn't it? Let me play like a broken record and remind you again to make small changes like replacing light bulbs with the energy conserving bulbs, recycle bottles and cans and paper. Learn more here.

This gorgeous eco house will be featured on the Discovery Channel and HGTV. You can learn more about the authors house by clicking here.



Anonymous CLH Hoodies said...
Wow, that is really really nice. I wonder how much a house like that would run for. @ 8:30 PM  
Anonymous klsees said...
I just watched the program about her hom eon TV. I want the bed - is there a way to find out where she got it?
klsees@yahoo.com @ 8:08 PM  
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