Monday, May 12, 2008

Read it now, Dark Summit

I have had to slow my reading down a bit because I've been working hard at rewriting my new novel. I'm almost finished. This book, partly about Marilyn Monroe and the glamour of 1950's Hollywood, has been a huge labor of love in which my character needed a major overhaul. Agents didn't like her vain, self centered, celebrity loving personality. I really want a great agent and if rewriting Barrett is what I had to do then so be it. I never thought it would take years to work on a book but between writing, editing, rewriting, sending query letters and taking in the feedback and having a trusted friend and book reviewer for People magazine (hello Caroline!) read the book and give me constructive criticism, well, that's just what goes into writing a novel that people will want to read.

One of the books I have on my book shelf to read is this gripping true story called Dark Summit by Nick Heil. It is the story of the climbers who tackled Mt. Everest and lost during 2006. It's a year that saw incredible tragedies from people who tried to climb this mountain. I'm always intrigued with this kind of dare-devil hobby. Climbing is hard enough (I've only climbed a rock wall) but add in snow and wind and freezing temperatures and precarious topography and its a sure recipe for disaster. Dark Summit has received good reviews and it's definitely
going to be read and passed around. Perfect summer reading- an intense story based on real life events.



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