Friday, May 30, 2008

Such A Pretty Fat by Jen Lancaster

A tribute to Jen Lancaster.
Not featured is Bravo TV, Olive Garden Breadsticks, expensive purses and German cars.

Jen Lancaster, the popular blogger of Jennsylvania, has- hold the applause- written another book. This ones rounds out the troika of memoirs under her belt. Such a Pretty Fat is the latest. It's about Jen's discovery that, despite having a nice hair and a good tan, her health may be in danger if she doesn't lose a few pounds. Jen's wit can be subtle and I had to read a few passages twice, thinking, did she mean what I think she meant...? The answer was usually yes.
I can totally identify with Jen from her love of Olive Garden breadsticks to songs on her ipod play list to shows on Bravo to my favorite, the "HHT credo." The HHT basically means you can't be held responsible for actions while feeling Hot, Hungry, Tired. I've adhered to that one for years. She puts into words what we think and feel. What makes Jen so popular is that we can ALL relate to cringing at the thought of a mind numbing working out vs. taking a nap. Wouldn't you rather eat something buttery and delicious than hop aboard the treadmill? I laughed out loud so many times that I wanted to pick up the phone to call her and say, "YES, ME TOO!"

Peppered with Jen's trademark snark and wit, Such a Pretty Fat is a quick read. I can't believe Jen toiled away for years being an office temp because she is such a talented writer, a wordsmith if you will. Words flow, incidents are described in a way that you will bust out in a guffaw. She is vain and self centered but so endearing that you want to be her friend which is why she is so well liked. If you want to grab your pink Crocs, your Izod shirt and a strand of pearls to see her live, click here because she and her Chardonnay might be headed to a city near you. Want to buy Such a Pretty Fat? Here's the Amazon link.

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