Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Books! and more...

I am online everyday but my time is dedicated to researching the most fuel efficient automobiles because my 4Runner is not cheap to fill. The Prius tops my list even though it looks like Judy Jetson is going to pop out with Elroy.

I feel like I haven't been on the ball with this site lately and here's why: I'm deep into adapting my modern day Marilyn Monroe novel, Fifty Cents for Your Soul into a screenplay. After taking a class this past winter, I was very inspired to take the sequel to A Thousand Dollars for a Kiss, and turn it into a script. I hope that being a writer who can complete both novels and screenplays will benefit this writing career I am trying to get off the ground. My literary agent search continues and sometimes I feel like giving up on trying to find one but I don't, I keep going.

Adapting the novel has proven to be a wonderful project but one that requires a lot of time and attention. Not to mention taking care of two young kids, running Hello Dollface and keeping up with my reading plus family and friend committments. Im planning a trip to San Francisco in July and I read reviews on TripAdvisor every day as I look for hotels and restaurants.

I have an interview to post with the author of Comfort Food (Friday Night Knitting Club), Kate Jacobs. Be sure to get your hands on this enjoyable novel!

Another noteworthy book is Love The One You're With by Emily Giffin. I read this a while back and liked it a lot. The premise is this: a woman reconnects with an old flame and wonders if he's the guy she should have married. It's a light summer read which Emily's fans will certainly enjoy. Her writing is so smooth and easy that you can get through the entire novel within a couple of days.

The next novel chosen in my book club is Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. Let me tell you that I am so NOT a supernatural, science fiction or vampire fan. I really liked Marta Acosta's books but that's because the author writes with such humor. I am anxious to read Marian Keyes newest, This Charming Man.

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