Monday, June 16, 2008

Books to Film, Sex and the City

I just love going to the movies. There's something exciting about sitting in the dark theater, watching the trailers for upcoming films, waiting for the feature to begin. The title credits roll, the action starts and hopefully if the movie is good, you will be transported to another place for about 120 minutes.

Last week I saw Don't Mess With The Zohan. What could have been really funny turned about to be over the top, crossing the line of what makes me laugh and what disgusts me. This had potential to be laugh out loud funny for everyone but I think the laughter came from the teenage boys in the audience. Judd Apatow, Adam Sandler and Robert Smigel needed a woman's touch when it came to writing the jokes. Mentions of hummus in every scene and Adam Sandler with a hugely padded codpiece? Not so hysterical. Neither is Adam's character having sexy times with all the old women whose hair he styles. Eh, skip it and watch it on dvd.

I saw Sex and the City this past weekend and loved it. Over two hours long, its like an extended episode of the show. It made me nostalgic for the life I always thought I would have- a writer in New York City with a tiny apartment filled with great shoes. There were funny parts, sad parts and happy endings all around. I've read mixed reviews about the movie but if you enjoyed the show, there's no way you won't walk out of the theater wishing you were friends with Charlotte, Miranda, Carrie and Samantha. Based on a book by Candance Bushnell, Sex and the City is a must-see film with your best girlfriends.

During the previews, there was this trailer for He's Just Not That Into You. I'm marking my calender now for this film which comes out in October. An all star cast based on the book of the same name, this movie is for any girl who ever dated, period.

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Anonymous patrick said...
Sex and the City seems to have a polarizing effect on both men and women... people either love the movie or they hate it @ 6:21 PM  
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