Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Twilight movie trailer. Bite me.

I am not a horror fan. Not a vampire fan as you know. But I mentioned that our book club has chosen Twilight by Stephanie Meyer and I have not cracked it open yet. While looking for books to movie news and trailers, I found this one of- ta-da- Twilight. Check it out.

Have you read City of Ember? Yet another book to movie!

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Blogger 1stdaughter said...
I know you will probably hear this from quite a few people, but I'm going to say it anyway. Read Twilight. You will absolutely love it. I had a bit of apprehension when considering it myself, but after having numerous friends tell me how great it was I couldn't turn it down any longer.

It truly is unique and didn't strike me as the typical "horror" book. In fact I wouldn't put it in that category at all. And as far a I can tell the movie is going to be very much like the book due to all the involvement by Stephenie Meyer. @ 4:41 PM  
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