Friday, August 08, 2008

Books I've been reading...

Here's a light hearted novel sprinkled with humor, Moonpies and Movie Stars by Amy Wallen. I have this on my shelf to be read- I started it while I was on a trip and have to finish it.

Jane Green is a great writer. I love her British humor. Her books are really popular and nearly every girl I know has read Jemima J.

Here's my favorite book this summer. I'm serious, I really liked it! Because I'm so familiar with Tori, having watched Beverly Hills 90210 since day one of the series, I felt like I knew Tori. I did meet her once at Kitson and I have friends who knew her when she owned her bed and breakfast. That makes us practically BFF!

This was an entertaining book that moved quickly, offering up details about growing up as a famous Spelling. I admit to watching Tori's show on the Oxygen channel. Now her mother Candy Spelling, she of the gift wrapping room, is penning a book of her own. Might she tell stories about Tori?

And coming in '09 is another book from Tori called Mommywood. I know I'll be reading it and loving every page!



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