Sunday, August 31, 2008

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

I've been spelling her name wrong all this time. It's Stephenie with an E not an A! With that out of the way, I can tell you that I finished the last book in the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn. In the beginning of the summer, as I wrote before, I was hesitant to read Twilight. Vampires? No. I'm not into it. I never even saw Interview with a Vampire. But once I read about Bella and Edward....I admit I was hooked. Is it the fact that Bella feels she never fit in with the rest of her classmates? Was it the forbidden love between Bella and handsome vampire Edward? Whatever spell Stephenie put on me, I was under it.

I eagerly devoured -no pun intended really- the next two books and along with millions of other fans, anxiously awaited the release of Breaking Dawn. I had my own expectations and thoughts of how Bella, Edward and Jacob would end up. I read this enormous novel quickly and so did many of my friends- and millions of other fans. Stephenie ties all loose ends up and there is no question of how Bella and Edward's lives will continue.

This series has been compared to Harry Potter and with good reason. Even a reluctant reader as myself was enveloped in her writing. Fans of all ages are enjoying these books, millions of boys and girls alike are getting into them. Stephenie weaves a touching and romantic love story with intrigue and mystery and vampires. It's a recipe for success and movies. The Twilight film will be out in November. Its a franchise just like Harry Potter. Expect Bella and Edward costumes for Halloween this year. And have you seen Team Edward and Team Jacob tee shirts? There are so many websites dedicated to these books that you can be kept busy for days reading them.

I highly recommend all four books in the Twilight series and if you are looking for some well written stories to read, get to or Barnes&Noble and buy yourself all four books. Once you read one, you need to know what happens in the rest. You don't want to be left hanging. Kudos to Stephenie Meyer for creating this empire and allowing us to escape into another world.

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