Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Books to read this fall...and a movie

There are so many good books to read. I really want to get into watching Gossip Girl because I hear so many positive reviews of the show but that would take up my precious reading time! I love to read at night, its my way to unwind. If I dont get at least an hour of reading in per day, I feel like something is missing. At this moment, I am reading about Alice Waters and Chez Panisse. Its one of the best restaurants in the country and this woman is someone I'd love to meet. If you havent heard of her, google her name and read all about her.

The books I want to read include the above, Walking The Rainbow. Its about AIDS so I know it won't be a happy book about unicorns and rainbows, but an emotional read.

Others on my shelf include:

The Tsar's Dwarf
Interred With Their Bones
A Summer Affair
The Triumph of Deborah
Cathedral of the Sea

And if you havent read Nights in Rodanthe, get to your library or bookstore and pick it up. I generally avoid Nicholas Sparks because he makes me cry, I mean his stories make me cry, but the movie is coming out soon and I plan on seeing it. Nothing like a good chick flick with Diane Lane to make me sit with a buttery bowl of popcorn and shed a few tears.

And that love song that plays? Its called Love Remains by Gavin Rossdale, from his great album, Wanderlust.


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